Coolest movie theater trends
Coolest movie theater trends
Movie Theaters

The Coolest Movie Theaters Trends

by Vendela Berg
Movie Theaters

The Coolest Movie Theaters Trends

by Vendela Berg

What makes a movie theater really cool? Ever since the creation of the movie theater, people have enjoyed the entertainment . Especially, we love the shared experience of watching a film. At some point, someone got the idea to sell food. (Way to go!) And at another point, someone figured out that moviegoers love having the most comfortable seats available.

Beauty and movie theaters go hand in hand.

Beauty and movie theaters go hand in hand.

Today’s awesome movie theaters offer so much more. Full-service bars and restaurants with private screening experiences. Today’s enhanced theaters that offer more than just a trip to the silver screen. Discover some of the best, the coolest movie theater trends around the world.

What sets some movie theaters apart?

Old-fashioned charm

Some movie theaters are converted stage theaters and provide unique historical charm. These theaters may have antique materials and features, quaint and classic environments, and glamorous Hollywood-ready employees who create a magical experience for you.

One old-school theater in Austin takes a unique twist on this idea of an old-world viewing experience and has a few strict policies for today’s visitors. No children under age 6, no cell-phones, and no ads. It’s a cool space that you don’t get to see most places these days. Plus, they serve food and have a full bar.

Unique local personality

Many of the best movie theaters take the excitement of going to the movies and combine it with the richness of their specific location. Themed movie theaters include old-fashioned, retro-style drive-in theaters. Or, unique Bollywood and outdoor theaters set in local landmarks, or theaters full of the charm of the old West.

Unique experiences

Today’s movie-goers love a movie viewing with a twist. Search and you can find mobile movie theaters that will set up a series of individually-rentable, inflatable hot-tubs in front of a screen and project.

Many movie theaters now offer live events during their movie screenings. There may be themed costume screenings, live music or on-stage actors to enhance the film. Sometimes, theaters have gallery of artwork in the lobby that shows you behind-the-scenes footage. The whole idea of “going to the movies” is to do something different – go somewhere different – go somewhere magical.The coolest movie theater trends

Or, you can find movies projected for crowds in gardens, at amphitheaters, and movies projected onto moving water – like fountains or waterfalls. Today’s movie theaters have come up with creative ideas to offer movie fans ways that they’ve never imagined before to watch their new favorite films.  

Incredible food

From fine dining and specialty cuisine to some of the best snack food on the planet, the best movie theaters are ready to feed their patrons. Most movie theaters offer the standard selection of popcorn, pretzels, and candy – that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about real food.

Many of the best movie theaters offer a selection of specialty items from chefs who have built a reputation for the theater as one of the best spots to eat in town. You can find ribs, steaks, and pasta that’s ready for any competition. Or, you can find theaters that offer sushi selections, bakeries with rows of desserts, or some of the best burgers and milkshakes you’ve ever had.

The best movie theaters know that the quickest way to a movie fan’s heart is through their stomach.

Comfortable Viewing

There are movie theaters with standard seats – they probably recline a little, but your legs get cramped by the end of the show. Seats that are attached wobble when one person moves, seats that don’t have much space between don’t leave room for people to comfortably walk through.

No more. Now, movie theater seating can be plush, as comfortable as your couch at home. They usually recline and have headrests. Some even have speakers set into the headrest that you can control, so the sound is never too loud. They pretty much all have cup rests. And, most have spaces that are big enough for you to stash snacks next to you rather than in your lap. Some theaters even deal with the difficulty of watching the movie on a huge screen from the first row by installing beds at the front of the theater. Then, people in the front row can watch the movie lying down, with headphones or speakers set into the bed’s headrest.

Movie Theater Trend Conclusion: What will they think of next? 

No matter where you go, you’re bound to find people who love going to the movies. And as a tribute to their love, people build businesses of incredible movie theaters to celebrate this fun, lifelong influence. We see that the upcoming trends in movie theaters are just going to be more fabulous, more fun, and more cutting-edge every year.


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