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10 Hair Coloring Secrets from Hair Colorists

by Vendela Berg

We’re going to share some of the amazing secrets hair colorists have in their beauty arsenal. And it happens before you even get the bottle of hair dye. Constantly start with a consultation… with yourself. Obviously, this means figuring out which color type looks best with your skin tone (like brown, blonde, or red) and what undertones will light up your face (warm or cool). But it also consists of figuring out how much grey on you, how much treatment you want, and how much maintenance you’re comfy with. Here’s how to have a true haircolor heart-to-heart.

hair colorists helping client choose color

1. Take It Easy

What is it our mothers used to say? Slow and steady wins the race. If your aim is going lighter, do yourself and your hair a favour, and take it easy. While base color can get your hair 1 to 2 shades lighter, hair colorists advise going even slower than that. If you desire to stop damage and breakage, and make sure the most even, natural-looking result, the experts’ rule of thumb is going half a shade lighter whenever you color your locks.

2. Subtle Shades Don’t Fade Away Quickly

Whilst bright, pop-arty shades like red, copper, and violet are surely stunners, they do peter out faster than hues that make more of a subtle change. If you’re cool with the uptick in protection, by all means, go for it!

3. Light Hues Seem to Melt the Greys Away

If you’re looking to coat your silver hair, choose a paler shade (like blonde) can cover them because they in fact start to act like small splinter of light in your strands. An additional plus: They don’t stand out just about as much as they would against dark hair since the contrast of color basically isn’t there. This is definitely one reason why a lot of women seem to go lighter as they age. An additional incredible way to blend away greys with light hair colour hues? Blonde highlights. They mix together with your grey, while making a soft, gorgeous effect that can take years off of your facade when painted around your face.

If you’re for low-maintenance, stick with a neutral shade that will get your existing colour up a notch in shine and richness with no dramatic difference.

4. Choose A Color that Compliments Your Skintone

The easiest way to discover the best hair colour for your skin tone is to look in your jewellery box (guys, this goes for you as well, even if your point of orientation is the wedding band colour you choose or the sunglass frames you like). If you like how you look in gold, chances are you have a warm skin tone that looks wonderful in shades like toffee brown and platinum. If silver is more pleasing on your skin, you have a cool complexion; try a deep golden brown, warm red or blonde.

5. Get Hydrated Before Coloring

Moisturized smooth strands are the best canvas for hair color use. That’s why placing a hydrating hair mask or conditioner 1 or 2 days before changing your shade with hair colour will prime hair by plumping up the hair’s cuticle. After you’ve applied colour, keep on using your mask once a week to help maintain your strands soft, strong, and glossy.

6. Skip Shampooing Before Coloring

Similar to the skin on your face, your scalp can be susceptible, and its natural oils are intended to act as a guard not only for the skin, but for your strands too. Because shampooing can remove some of these healthy oils, don’t cleanse for 1 to 2 days prior to hair colouring. The oils that you let build up on your hair all through this time will shield your strands and keep it healthier post-colour.

7. Choose the Easier Application Method

It’s a query as old as hair coloring itself: Brush or Bottle? If you’ve had your hair done by hair colorists, you have most probably seen the hair colorists use a bowl and brush to put the colour. This technique is good, but don’t rush applying colour directly from the bottle. The effects can be just the same and professional-looking, especially if you have short hair. It’s just fit which looks right to you. The most essential process is just painting in partitions so you can get every single hair (read: don’t miss the underneath layer of the hair). Even if you do that using hairclips or simply your fingers, ensure no strand is left uncovered. And do not overlook to press on the colour in the roots (either with a brush or with your glove-covered fingers).

hair colorist shampooing client's hair

8. Hair Color Formulas Vary in Duration

Speedy lesson in haircolor formulas: Permanent hair color opens the hair duct and applies the colour deep inside it to completely change the shade. Whilst the color does gradually fade, it grows out slowly gone seven to eight weeks. At that time, roots will need to be reapplied, but the colour that’s placed on the rest of the hair. Semi-permanent hair colour placed colour around the duct, so it transforms the tone of the hair (imagine changing from ash blonde to golden blonde) relatively than the real color. And since it fades out over about 24 shampoos, there’s minimal root maintenance. It’s an incredible option for a slight color change. 

9. Don’t Skimp on Processing Time

We get it: You begin to see your dye darken as times pass by, but don’t go for a shower quickly. It’s natural for hair colour to be darker as it process. Leaving it on for the recommended amount of time guarantees the correct amount of treatment (especially on grays).

10. Color Treated Hair Requires Product that Will Extend the Life of Your New Hue

Change over products that treat your new colour, moisturizing your hair, and protecting the vitality of the shade. Find those that are sulfate-free and particularly prepared for colour-treated hair.

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Prom Night: Beauty Tips

by Vendela Berg

You’ve been patiently counting down the days until prom night – and it seems to feel like forever. You’ve got your dress picked out and ready, your bag and shoes are chosen, and your prom hair and makeup plans in place – all that is left is making sure you will look and feel your absolute best. 

Below are some fabulous beauty do’s and don’ts to look stunning at your prom, and make it last throughout the night. With these tips, your prom night will surely be a memorable event.

Do choose a classic hairdo.

For events such as weddings or proms, professional hairstylists highly recommend opting for a classic, timeless hairdo. Going for this type of prom hair look helps ensure that even when you look at your prom photos 20 or 30 years from now, you won’t feel any embarrassment in sharing them. Opt for clean lines and keep it simple yet elegant. Most importantly, know what your comfort zone is and stay within it. It’s also vital to keep your look appropriate for your age. Trying to look too mature when it comes to prom hairstyles is never a good idea. 

Don’t go tanning. 

Many of the states have implemented that it’s illegal for minors to make use of artificial UV beds to tan themselves. Just go to the prom with your lovely natural skin tone, which would look so much more better than any artificial and fake look. And besides, peaches and cream skin tone signifies freshness, youth, and vibrancy. 

Do keep a consistent beauty routine. 

In the four weeks leading up to your prom, it’s essential to keep a consistent beauty routine. Try not to change it up by using a new product such an anti-pimple or anti-aging cream as it may cause a breakout or an adverse reaction that will leave your skin feeling irritated

Don’t go for a dark lip look.

Throughout the night, you may need to reapply your lipstick. And a dark lip look requires a precise, time-consuming application. Opt for a lip look that is more reapplication-friendly so you can only focus on enjoying the night and not about reapplying your lipstick. 

Do your brow waxing at least a day or two in advance.

Brows frame your face. And they are a big part of any beauty look. Of course, no one wants to look unkempt and messy at prom – and having a nice pair of eyebrows will dictate your look. Waxing your brows at least a day or two in advance will make sure that the skin around the brows will have enough time it needs to settle and calm down. Waxing in advance will also avoid any sensitivity or redness around the brow area. 

Don’t wear body glitter.

Even though shiny and sparkly things are lovely, body glitters are not one of them. According to stylists and beauty gurus, body glitters are a big no-no. Instead, look for light lotions that have some shimmer to give you that glowing, iridescent look. Also, try to look past glitter-based eye makeup. The glitter might end up all over your cheeks and your date by the end of the night. 

Do eat the right food, so you don’t feel bloated.

Your prom hair and makeup are essential to make you look good on the outside. However, you should be feeling good and comfortable on the inside too. Stick to a good diet and eat foods that won’t cause any bloating. Health coaches recommend eating cucumbers, grapes, watermelon, avocados, Greek yogurt, and almonds. Try to steer clear of too much salty and sugary foods, caffeine, dairy, junk foods, and sodas.

Do bring a touch-up kit.

To make sure you’re looking gorgeous throughout the night – even after hitting the dance floor, pack a touch-up kit in your purse. Your kit should have some blotting papers to reduce oiliness, bobby pins for any prom hair emergency, travel-sized deodorant to make sure you smell fresh, and breath mints, and lipstick. If you’re going to be sporting an up-do, bringing a travel-sized hairspray is a good idea. 

Don’t overdo it. 

Whether it’s your makeup, hair, or dress, don’t overdo it when it comes to your prom look. Subtlety is what you should aim for. More importantly, natural and fresh beauty looks the most attractive at any girl. 

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