There are several things to consider before going to hair salons.
There are several things to consider before going to hair salons.
Hair Salons

5 Things to Remember Before Going to Hair Salons

by Vendela Berg
Hair Salons

5 Things to Remember Before Going to Hair Salons

by Vendela Berg

When it is about replacing your hairstyle in salons or getting a new hair colour, most of us have a specific look in mind. Something as temporary as trim or colour can change you in a compelling way. It can change any of your bad hair days into the best one you have ever viewed, but. It can additionally bring you a lot more self-confidence and empowerment. But, if your style or colour went wrong, well, it could make you extremely unsettled (need we really go into details?!).

What a lot of people do not know is that we ourselves can perform the hair change method way more risk-free with a few easy basics. So to help you evade an epic meltdown (and I am sure we’ve all had one at one point or another), we have collected five pro tips for you to understand before going to hair salons.

Before going to hair salons, make sure you already have the look you want in mind.

1. Know Your Face Shape and Hair Texture

Every face shape has various hairstyles that suit them. Once you know if you have square, oval, circle, or heart-shaped face, you can figure out what suits you best. The best way is to figure out your face shape by your jawline.

It is likewise useful to understand your hair texture as it plays a vital part in the hair look you desire to achieve. Whether you have light, beautiful hair or thick, curly hair, you cannot expect to perform the reverse from a hair cut. So If you possess curly hair, do not expect your stylist to recreate Jennifer Aniston’s sleek locks. Alternatively, have more practical expectations and find hair motivation from people who have identical hair texture as yours.

2. Consider Your Lifestyle

This is a crucial thing to take into attention. Your hairstyle is another thing that expresses who you are and what you do. If you live a hectic life and know you have little time to fix your hair, then have a look that is low maintenance. Choose a look that you can make you look clean from just a simple wash and rinse.

Think of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s modern shag. It is a simplistic style that is full of layers and provides you with simple volume to your hair.

3. Go for a Consultation

If you are yet unsure about what hair look will work for you, schedule a consultation with a hairstylist in salons you prefer. When you are on your query, the stylist will be studying at your hair when it is dry. So be sure to wash your hair so there is not a lot of product in your hair and it’s detangled. But, if you are preparing your colour done, stylists suggest coming in with your hair unwashed as it will help shield your scalp from the chemical products to be placed in your hair.

When you are at your appointment, bring with you some photos of the style you want to have. Be sure to bring pictures from various angles of the method so that the stylist can conclude if the cut or colour would work for your hair texture and face shape. Additionally, ask about the care and maintenance of the hairstyle to understand if it would match your lifestyle. This is also the opportunity to ask about the hair languages if you do not know what they are. For example, styles like ombre, and balayage, be sure to understand these phrases before requesting the form truly. You don’t want to be dissatisfied with your finished look because you didn’t really know what you were asking for from the beginning.

4. Make Sure You are Ready for a Brand-New Hairstyle

If you are going to the salons just for a trim or touch up, it is not a huge responsibility. Still, if you’re cutting off 12 inches of your hair. There is no going back. Make sure to think about your new hairstyle before you make an impulsive decision. If you are not sure, ask your loved ones about the hair change for a second opinion.

If you want to get your hair trimmed in salons, you have to be sure about how much you want to trim.

5. Be Truthful

When your hairstylist asks about your hair history, be honest about what you used, and use regularly. For example, if you have applied boxed hair dye or have artificially straightened your hair. This will determine how active of a hair dye product your stylist will be using for your colour. If you deny and say your hair is virgin hair, there’s a probability of very undesired results.

Getting a new hairstyle does not have to be a game of risk when you give your hairstylist with a kind of information to describe the look you want to accomplish. Clear information is imperative to a successful appointment. This will make you feel satisfied in the process. So for your following hair appointment, make sure to consider these fundamental tips before entering the salons. We are confident that from here on out, you will never have a bad haircut or colour!


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