Bridal makeup - applying before the big day
Bridal makeup - applying before the big day
Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup Trends

by Vendela Berg
Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup Trends

by Vendela Berg

It’s wedding season! We love the summer because there are so many beautiful things going on, so many beautiful places to go, and so many beautiful looks to wear when you’re there! This summer’s hottest bridal makeup trends are more about the bride than the guests (hey! You’re only a bride once, right? Better be the best looking one there!) but even if you’re a guest you can adopt some of these tips to keep yourself looking fresh in all the wedding photos.

Trend No 1: Big Eyes & Long Eyelashes

Okay, so big eye and long eyelashes aren’t necessarily a “trend” this year, but more like a continuing fashion reality of this decade. In the past, a lot of people wanted a very heavy and made up look for their wedding, but now it seems to be a bit more natural, so eyes tend to look bigger and brighter when you’re up at the altar.

If you’re wearing fake eyelashes, make sure you play around with glue (or magnetic ones!) before the big day, to ensure that your lashes will be stay-in-place perfect. And if you’re wearing mascara, make sure that it’s as waterproof and smudgeproof as possible. And try it out a few times beforehand! You don’t want your mascara running down your teary face to ruin all of your bridal makeup.

Trend No 2: Perfectly shaped brows

So yes, if you’re the bride, everyone will be looking at your face. Not just on the wedding day but in all the pictures and on social media – for years to come! Every time you look at your wedding album or your social media gives you a flashback to your wedding day, do you want to regret your eyebrows?

Most ladies get their brows waxed or tweezed a few days before the wedding, so that the shape appears natural and the skin doesn’t look irritated from recent work. If you have a makeup artist coming, make sure she has an eyebrow pencil (not eyeliner!) that matches your brow color, and don’t walk away from your bridal makeup application until you’re sure the shape of your eyebrows is just right.

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We love all types of bridal makeup looks!

Trend No 3: Setting Spray

Again, maybe this is less of a “trend” than a tried-and-true truth. Setting spray works! Especially for these hot summer weddings, you don’t want your makeup to run at all. So after everything has been applied and you are picture-perfect, use a light setting spray to secure your bridal makeup in place.

Trend No 4: Natural Tone Lips

This might depend on the color choices for your ceremony and the coordinating looks you have for the day, but, one of the top trends in bridal makeup this summer is lighter, more natural-tone lips. Pinks, neutrals, and soft beiges are all the range, offering a light, summery, airy and beautiful look for all skin tones.

Trend No 5: Contouring is Out

Ladies, some of you may not like this. But contouring is O-U-T for bridal makeup this summer. A contoured face tends to be more of a night look anyhow, and since most weddings are daytime affairs, it may not be necessary anyway. But for those of you who think contouring is appropriate for every day of the year, consider this: is your wedding the same as any other day? Do you want to look the same at your wedding as you do in all your other pictures?

This year’s top bridal makeup trends veer toward a more natural, less made-up look, which means that contouring is usually not the way to go for most brides.

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It’s Not All About the Bridal Makeup

Of course, the top bridal makeup trend this year is a reminder that it’s not all about the makeup! Hair is coming into play in wedding in a big way, with fascinators, tiaras, and braids being seen practically everywhere. As in years past, nails are important to your overall look, although since bridal trends seem to be going more natural, so do nails! A simple French tip or a single-color nail that matches your lips can be the final touch to complete your perfect bridal makeup.


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