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Full head of hair with hair extensions
Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

by Vendela Berg

Hair extensions let women add some inches and volume to their hair without tediously waiting for them to grow. There are a lot of hair extensions to choose from, and this can be overwhelming to first-time users. Professional hairstylists can guide and give you a consultation in which you will find out the method they use, talk about the look you want to achieve and receive a price quote. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

Human Hair

When selecting the best extensions, you should first check whether it is made from synthetic or natural human hair. Human hair is more durable, and it will look like your real hair and can be treated like so. With synthetic hair you can’t use any heat (such as blow-dryer or curling irons) or take a dip in the pool with them in.

It is also wise to invest in the highest quality hair you can afford. Although it is costly, the hair will last for so many refits so the cost in the longer term is a lot lower.

Synthetic hair is typically unnaturally shiny and weighs a lot lighter than human hair and so will not move in quite the same way.

Also the ways used to fit synthetic hair don’t allow for a multi-tonal color match as they are produced in block colors. All clients need a mix of colours/shades to get a true shade match.

Blowdrying hair

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy is the process of bundling human hair to keep roots and ends in the proper direction. Extensions made from Remy are often tangle-free because the cuticles of the strands do not get caught against each other. Remy hair is also deemed to be the healthiest because it is picked one strand at a time.

Seamless Hair Extensions

Hotheads extensions are set close to the head and not near the hairline to maintain the illusion that it is your real hair and not just extensions. It must be placed to go according to the natural direction of the hair to make it flow with the real ones. Most important thing is that there is no use of heat and tools, which would keep your hair from getting damaged.

Must Match Hair Color

Not getting the right hair color shade is a common blunder made by people who get extensions. Most extension companies offer a wide array of colors that make it easier for women to find the right color shade. It also lets low-lights and highlights add depth and tone without the use of other damaging treatments.

Maintenance of Hair Extensions

High-quality extensions don’t really require additional maintenance compared to your natural hair. To keep the hair healthy, you should brush it regularly, use high-quality products to clean it, and wear it up at night. You don’t need to deviate from your normal hair care routine. Also, you should avoid sleeping while the hair is still wet.

Clip-on hair extensions

Hair Extensions are Safe

Your natural hair will be fine with extensions as long as you properly maintain and care for it. Once you remove the hair extensions, it may take up to a couple of weeks for your own hair density and thickness to feel normal again. Please continue to see your hairstylist for your normal haircare routine.


Permanent hair extensions are more expensive than temporary extensions as they take time to fit. A full head of extensions will take about 2 or 3 hours to fit, so you are basically paying for the labor costs.

It is worth visiting a specialist salon and having some test pieces of extensions fitted first, and then investing in the highest quality hair you can afford upfront.

Nevertheless, there are some hair salons that do overcharge based on being situated in large flagship premises in prestigious areas.

Care for Extensions

Caring for your extensions isn’t much of a challenge.

The main rules are:

1. Avoid oiliness at the roots to avoid the connections from slipping or going sticky.

2. Don’t invert your head upside down head or put your hair in high ponytails as this pulls on the underside of the extension connection.

3. No aggressive pulling.

Otherwise, normal washing, drying and styling of your extensions is still very much the same as with your natural hair as long as the extensions are of good quality.

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The beauty and salon industry continues to grow
Success in Being a Hair Stylist

by Vendela Berg

An experienced hair stylist is one of the most valued individuals in the service industry. In truth, when you have a hair stylist career, you’re not just selling a haircut – you’re also providing clients with self-esteem and confidence.

A hairstylist has many duties. Aside from cutting and styling the clients’ hair, they also discuss how their new haircut will complement their overall style. Hairstylists also offer styling tips and expert advice. They also recommend hair products to use and the proper way to take care of treated hair.

Aside from cut and style, a hair stylist career includes knowing how to do hair coloring and other scalp and hair treatments. They are also responsible for keeping their work space clean and orderly.

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Bridal makeup - applying before the big day
Bridal Makeup Trends

by Vendela Berg

It’s wedding season! We love the summer because there are so many beautiful things going on, so many beautiful places to go, and so many beautiful looks to wear when you’re there! This summer’s hottest bridal makeup trends are more about the bride than the guests (hey! You’re only a bride once, right? Better be the best looking one there!) but even if you’re a guest you can adopt some of these tips to keep yourself looking fresh in all the wedding photos.

Trend No 1: Big Eyes & Long Eyelashes

Okay, so big eye and long eyelashes aren’t necessarily a “trend” this year, but more like a continuing fashion reality of this decade. In the past, a lot of people wanted a very heavy and made up look for their wedding, but now it seems to be a bit more natural, so eyes tend to look bigger and brighter when you’re up at the altar.

If you’re wearing fake eyelashes, make sure you play around with glue (or magnetic ones!) before the big day, to ensure that your lashes will be stay-in-place perfect. And if you’re wearing mascara, make sure that it’s as waterproof and smudgeproof as possible. And try it out a few times beforehand! You don’t want your mascara running down your teary face to ruin all of your bridal makeup.

Trend No 2: Perfectly shaped brows

So yes, if you’re the bride, everyone will be looking at your face. Not just on the wedding day but in all the pictures and on social media – for years to come! Every time you look at your wedding album or your social media gives you a flashback to your wedding day, do you want to regret your eyebrows?

Most ladies get their brows waxed or tweezed a few days before the wedding, so that the shape appears natural and the skin doesn’t look irritated from recent work. If you have a makeup artist coming, make sure she has an eyebrow pencil (not eyeliner!) that matches your brow color, and don’t walk away from your bridal makeup application until you’re sure the shape of your eyebrows is just right.

bridal makeup-indian

We love all types of bridal makeup looks!

Trend No 3: Setting Spray

Again, maybe this is less of a “trend” than a tried-and-true truth. Setting spray works! Especially for these hot summer weddings, you don’t want your makeup to run at all. So after everything has been applied and you are picture-perfect, use a light setting spray to secure your bridal makeup in place.

Trend No 4: Natural Tone Lips

This might depend on the color choices for your ceremony and the coordinating looks you have for the day, but, one of the top trends in bridal makeup this summer is lighter, more natural-tone lips. Pinks, neutrals, and soft beiges are all the range, offering a light, summery, airy and beautiful look for all skin tones.

Trend No 5: Contouring is Out

Ladies, some of you may not like this. But contouring is O-U-T for bridal makeup this summer. A contoured face tends to be more of a night look anyhow, and since most weddings are daytime affairs, it may not be necessary anyway. But for those of you who think contouring is appropriate for every day of the year, consider this: is your wedding the same as any other day? Do you want to look the same at your wedding as you do in all your other pictures?

This year’s top bridal makeup trends veer toward a more natural, less made-up look, which means that contouring is usually not the way to go for most brides.

bridal makeup application

It’s Not All About the Bridal Makeup

Of course, the top bridal makeup trend this year is a reminder that it’s not all about the makeup! Hair is coming into play in wedding in a big way, with fascinators, tiaras, and braids being seen practically everywhere. As in years past, nails are important to your overall look, although since bridal trends seem to be going more natural, so do nails! A simple French tip or a single-color nail that matches your lips can be the final touch to complete your perfect bridal makeup.

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Blowdrying hair
On Trend: Blowout Bars

by Vendela Berg

So what is up with this trend of blowout bars? Are they popping up in your city? All across the country (actually – the world) women are realizing that there’s more to hair care than just cuts and colors. Yeah, of course, we want those things too, but sometimes the style is what matters and the hairdresser who can style isn’t the same one who gives the best cuts – you know what I mean?

And sometimes, you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of a full hair salon experience. You’re looking for something … different.

So that’s part of the appeal of blowout bars. You can try something different.

A Place to Attack Hair Woes

Like a bar might be the place where the broken hearted go to attack their hair woes, we don’t do that here. We whip our hair back and forth – and get that bad hair vibes outta here!

Sometimes, a deep treatment will do it. Depending on how many bad hair days you’ve had in a row – and honey, if you have three in a row, why haven’t you come in yet? – you can fix it up with a single treatment.

Get a Pep Up

Your local blowout bars have all kinds of products at the ready. And the specialists know what to use to counteract whatever bad juju you been bringing on at home. Try a deep conditioner. Try an oil remedy. Try a heat treatment or a hair mask. Let your blowout specialist see what has been done and what needs to be done. From there, she’ll know what to do.

Blowout bars make it easy to change your hair style.

Try Something New

You might be the type who likes to experiment with her hair (and who doesn’t?), which can mean you’re always collecting sample sizes of new products, asking for the latest goop as a gift, or you’re always playing around with different hair lengths. If that’s you, blowout bars may be your new jam.

Ask your stylist what products she’s learned about or started using recently that she loves. Try something new every week and see how it changes your hair. Put in extension, try temporary color, and freshen up your style for a fraction of a full-blown salon.

What’s Better Than Advice?

Traditional hair salons are set up to keep you coming back – of course – but it’s because you can’t do it yourself, or don’t have the tools. With heat chairs, “salon-exclusive” products, and crazy-fancy hairstyles that you can’t replicate at home.

Today’s women are looking for something more do-it-yourself. We want to be able to be social media ready, red-carpet fabulous, any hour of the day, without having to spend money or a ton of time. We want the best value.

Blowout Bars are Trend Teachers

Want to check out and learn how to do that awesome, casual braid or loose wavy do you saw on Pinterest? (of course you do!) Your local blowout bars are the places to do it. Generally with a more casual feel to go along with the more casual price tag, and a narrow focus on caring for and styling hair, many blowout bars are places where changing your hair is celebrated .

The styles of the past take longer to prepare and are made to last longer. It used to be that when you got a perm, you did long-term damage to your hair and it sat in those poodly curls for months. Now, you can swap looks in a day, without the harsh treatments and worries about burning your scalp and other such crazy things. The only burns you’ll get are from the looks of jealousy when your hair always look fresh and at its best.

Prices at Blowout Bars


Treat yourself.

So we’ve mentioned the prices are generally friendlier at blowout bars – right? (maybe once or twice). But here’s why: simple equipment, simple processes, beautiful results. What makes a lot of full-service salons expensive?

Extra equipment – specialized chairs, bowls and brushes and tools for dying hair, all those hair colors and all that tin foil. Blowout bars don’t need (or use less) of all this stuff.

Extra time – longer services means fewer people get served every day. Blowout bars offer high-quality services that are quicker, in a fun atmosphere where you don’t get bored. More ladies get their hair done, and prices stay lower.

Great product range – when you want to try something new and great, go to a blowout bar. For real. The products on their shelves (if they sell products) are probably going to be your new favorite things – both for their amazing quality, results, and an incredible price.

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Coolest movie theater trends
The Coolest Movie Theaters Trends

by Vendela Berg

What makes a movie theater really cool? Ever since the creation of the movie theater, people have enjoyed the entertainment . Especially, we love the shared experience of watching a film. At some point, someone got the idea to sell food. (Way to go!) And at another point, someone figured out that moviegoers love having the most comfortable seats available.

Beauty and movie theaters go hand in hand.

Beauty and movie theaters go hand in hand.

Today’s awesome movie theaters offer   so much more  . Full-service bars and restaurants with private screening experiences. Today’s enhanced theaters that offer more than just a trip to the silver screen. Discover some of the best, the coolest movie theater trends around the world.

What sets some movie theaters apart?

Old-fashioned charm

Some movie theaters are converted stage theaters and provide unique historical charm. These theaters may have antique materials and features, quaint and classic environments, and   glamorous Hollywood-ready   employees who create a magical experience for you.

One old-school theater in Austin   takes a unique twist on this idea of an old-world viewing experience and has a few strict policies for today’s visitors. No children under age 6, no cell-phones, and no ads. It’s a cool space that you don’t get to see most places these days. Plus, they serve food and have a full bar.

Unique local personality

Many of the best movie theaters take the excitement of going to the movies and combine it with the richness of their specific location. Themed movie theaters include old-fashioned, retro-style drive-in theaters. Or, unique Bollywood and outdoor theaters set in local landmarks, or theaters full of the charm of the old West.

Unique experiences

Today’s movie-goers love a movie viewing with a twist. Search and you can find mobile movie theaters that will set up a series of individually-rentable, inflatable hot-tubs in front of a screen and project.

Many movie theaters now offer live events during their movie screenings. There may be themed costume screenings, live music or on-stage actors to enhance the film. Sometimes, theaters have gallery of artwork in the lobby that shows you behind-the-scenes footage. The whole idea of “going to the movies” is to do something different – go somewhere different – go somewhere magical  .The coolest movie theater trends

Or, you can find movies projected for crowds in gardens, at amphitheaters, and movies projected onto moving water – like fountains or waterfalls. Today’s movie theaters have come up with creative ideas to offer movie fans ways that they’ve never imagined before to watch their new favorite films.  

Incredible food

From fine dining and specialty cuisine to some of the best snack food on the planet, the best movie theaters are ready to feed their patrons. Most movie theaters offer the standard selection of popcorn, pretzels, and candy – that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about real food.

Many of the best movie theaters offer a selection of specialty items from chefs who have built a reputation for the theater as one of the best spots to eat in town. You can find ribs, steaks, and pasta that’s ready for any competition. Or, you can find theaters that offer sushi selections, bakeries with rows of desserts, or some of the best burgers and milkshakes you’ve ever had.

The best movie theaters know that the quickest way to a movie fan’s heart is through their stomach.

Comfortable Viewing

There are movie theaters with standard seats – they probably recline a little, but your legs get cramped by the end of the show. Seats that are attached wobble when one person moves, seats that don’t have much space between don’t leave room for people to comfortably walk through.

No more. Now, movie theater seating can be plush, as comfortable as your couch at home. They usually recline and have headrests. Some even have speakers set into the headrest that you can control, so the sound is never too loud. They pretty much all have cup rests. And, most have spaces that are big enough for you to stash snacks next to you rather than in your lap. Some theaters even deal with the difficulty of watching the movie on a huge screen from the first row by installing beds at the front of the theater. Then, people in the front row can watch the movie lying down, with headphones or speakers set into the bed’s headrest.

Movie Theater Trend Conclusion: What will they think of next? 

No matter where you go, you’re bound to find people who love going to the movies. And as a tribute to their love, people   build businesses   of incredible movie theaters to celebrate this fun, lifelong influence. We see that the upcoming trends in movie theaters are just going to be more fabulous, more fun, and more cutting-edge every year.

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Prom Night: Beauty Tips

by Vendela Berg

You’ve been patiently counting down the days until prom night – and it seems to feel like forever. You’ve got your dress picked out and ready, your bag and shoes are chosen, and your prom hair and makeup plans in place – all that is left is making sure you will look and feel your absolute best. 

Below are some fabulous beauty do’s and don’ts to look stunning at your prom, and make it last throughout the night. With these tips, your prom night will surely be a memorable event.

Do choose a classic hairdo.

For events such as weddings or proms, professional hairstylists highly recommend opting for a classic, timeless hairdo. Going for this type of prom hair look helps ensure that even when you look at your prom photos 20 or 30 years from now, you won’t feel any embarrassment in sharing them. Opt for clean lines and keep it simple yet elegant. Most importantly, know what your comfort zone is and stay within it. It’s also vital to keep your look appropriate for your age. Trying to look too mature when it comes to prom hairstyles is never a good idea. 

Don’t go tanning. 

Many of the states have implemented that it’s illegal for minors to make use of artificial UV beds to tan themselves. Just go to the prom with your lovely natural skin tone, which would look so much more better than any artificial and fake look. And besides, peaches and cream skin tone signifies freshness, youth, and vibrancy. 

Do keep a consistent beauty routine. 

In the four weeks leading up to your prom, it’s essential to keep a consistent beauty routine. Try not to change it up by using a new product such an anti-pimple or anti-aging cream as it may cause a breakout or an adverse reaction that will leave your skin feeling irritated

Don’t go for a dark lip look.

Throughout the night, you may need to reapply your lipstick. And a dark lip look requires a precise, time-consuming application. Opt for a lip look that is more reapplication-friendly so you can only focus on enjoying the night and not about reapplying your lipstick. 

Do your brow waxing at least a day or two in advance.

Brows frame your face. And they are a big part of any beauty look. Of course, no one wants to look unkempt and messy at prom – and having a nice pair of eyebrows will dictate your look. Waxing your brows at least a day or two in advance will make sure that the skin around the brows will have enough time it needs to settle and calm down. Waxing in advance will also avoid any sensitivity or redness around the brow area. 

Don’t wear body glitter.

Even though shiny and sparkly things are lovely, body glitters are not one of them. According to stylists and beauty gurus, body glitters are a big no-no. Instead, look for light lotions that have some shimmer to give you that glowing, iridescent look. Also, try to look past glitter-based eye makeup. The glitter might end up all over your cheeks and your date by the end of the night. 

Do eat the right food, so you don’t feel bloated.

Your prom hair and makeup are essential to make you look good on the outside. However, you should be feeling good and comfortable on the inside too. Stick to a good diet and eat foods that won’t cause any bloating. Health coaches recommend eating cucumbers, grapes, watermelon, avocados, Greek yogurt, and almonds. Try to steer clear of too much salty and sugary foods, caffeine, dairy, junk foods, and sodas.

Do bring a touch-up kit.

To make sure you’re looking gorgeous throughout the night – even after hitting the dance floor, pack a touch-up kit in your purse. Your kit should have some blotting papers to reduce oiliness, bobby pins for any prom hair emergency, travel-sized deodorant to make sure you smell fresh, and breath mints, and lipstick. If you’re going to be sporting an up-do, bringing a travel-sized hairspray is a good idea. 

Don’t overdo it. 

Whether it’s your makeup, hair, or dress, don’t overdo it when it comes to your prom look. Subtlety is what you should aim for. More importantly, natural and fresh beauty looks the most attractive at any girl. 

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On the Job: Salon Assistant

by Vendela Berg

If you’re hoping to work at a beauty salon, you will most likely start as an assistant to hair stylists. A salon assistant role is your stepping stone to the salon industry. Many beauty salons have a hiring policy where they only promote internal employees. This policy means all the stylists start out as an assistant.

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Hair stylists need the right tools and equipment
Launching a Successful Salon

by Vendela Berg

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but a trip to beauty salons will make you feel and look confidently beautiful – and that’s what’s more important. If you are a beauty and hair enthusiast and dream of launching your own salon business, then today’s article is going to be a good read for you.

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Highlight Your Tresses with the Right Color

by Vendela Berg

You can learn a lot of things on the internet. However, it’s up to you how you want to apply this newfound knowledge. When it comes to hair color, picking the right shade will make a big difference in your overall look.

Sure, you can type your query into Google, but more often than not, you will be left with information about hair color that is unclear, incomplete, or just plain incorrect.

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