Beauty salons can target new clients using helpful tools.
Beauty salons can target new clients using helpful tools.
Beauty Salons

How Beauty Salons Can Attract New Clients

by Vendela Berg
Beauty Salons

How Beauty Salons Can Attract New Clients

by Vendela Berg

For beauty salons to continuously thrive, the ability to consistently attract new clients is vital. Simply put, more clients means more profit for your salon business. 

You know that already. What you may be thoroughly familiar with is how to attract and retain salon clients. In today’s post, we’ll talk about some innovative ways to do just that. From utilizing the internet and social media to strengthening your word-of-mouth recommendations, we’ve gathered helpful advice for beauty salon owners.

Beauty Salons Must Create Facebook and Instagram Ads to Attract New Clients

There’s no doubt about it: Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest social media platforms right now. No wonder beauty salons are tapping these sites to build their clientele.

Running Facebook and Instagram ads doesn’t mean merely boosting and sharing your beauty salon-related posts. It’s a science that requires proper implementation of an ad campaign strategy for beauty salons.

If you haven’t created a Facebook or Instagram page for your salon, then now is the time do start making one. Using these platforms correctly for your marketing and advertising can generate new leads, which will turn into clients, without you spending an exorbitant amount of advertising dollars.

Beauty salons must know how to utilize social media to attract new clients.

As a business owner, you don’t have to know everything absolutely everything about marketing and advertising. That’s why you employ the services of experts in these fields.

However, dedicating a little time to understand the basics of Facebook and Instagram advertising would go a long way for you. Facebook offers some useful resources as a good starting point.

In fact, if you need to learn a new skill unrelated to your primary profession, that would be it. Investing in a professional and reliable social media advertising agency to guide and teach you is a good start.

Utilize Google’s Pay-Per-Click Ads to Target New Clients

Here’s a scenario. What’s easier? Selling hotdogs to a person walking up to a hotdog food cart or selling hotdog to random people walking down the street?

Both are plausible ways to sell hotdogs. However, it’s easier to sell to someone already looking for a specific product or service.

That’s how Google advertising works.

When salon owners advertise with Google, they are promoting their business to people already looking for beauty salons in their area. These people already have the intent to go to reach out to a salon and book an appointment.

Google is the number one search engine in the world right now. People use it to search online for just about anything and everything. Delving into Google ads is a whole separate post on its own. You can definitely start out with your own basic research.

However, there are digital marketing companies who got thriving in Google ads down to a science. You can hire them to help you get started and succeed.

Compared to social media ads, advertising with Google is a little more expensive. With Google advertising, you can only show your ads to people already looking for your services. On the other hand, social media provides endless audience for your ads.

If your salon is located in a decently-sized city or town, the number of potential clients looking for beauty salons and spas shouldn’t be a limitation.

Your Website Should Be Your 24/7 Receptionist

It should be a digital extension of your salon that provides a positive customer user experience. Your salon website should offer all the information potential and current clients may need – from your knowing what your business hours to booking an appointment.

A website of a beauty salon must give users a positive site experience.

Unfortunately, many salon owners don’t utilize the power of a properly designed website to their advantage. They just treat it as a leaflet or brochure, without having the most important function – getting the site visitors to book a salon appointment.

Other culprits of a bad salon website are slow loading times, not optimized for mobile use, outdated copy, and visuals. These factors would make site visitors not want to try your salon out.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to remedy this issue. You can create a basic website using some free platforms, albeit with limited functions. You can also hire an agency to do this for you expertly.

Motivate Word-of-Mouth Recommendations from Your Current Salon Clients

Your regular clients are the best marketing and advertising agents you have. Because of this, don’t forget about word-of-mouth referrals. Make sure you ask and remind your regulars to leave a review for you on review sites. This will surely help boost your reputation, both online and offline.



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