Hairdressers must know how to utilize social media.
Hairdressers must know how to utilize social media.
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How Hairdressers Can Stand Out on Social Media

by Vendela Berg
Beauty Salons

How Hairdressers Can Stand Out on Social Media

by Vendela Berg

The world of marketing is ever-changing. With the advent of social media, there are more ways for hairdressers to market and promote themselves, as well as reach out to potential clients.

As hairdressers, if you don’t promote your services, nobody else will.

Effective advertising will usually start with word of mouth. With the digital age, word of mouth has also changed. Nowadays, the number one place online to get recommendations for just about any type of service provider, including for hairdressers, is social media.

In the hairdressers’ community, your business shouldn’t look past Facebook and other social media platforms when reaching out to potential local clients. In today’s post, we’ll share some tips to get you started in promoting your hair salon in social media and elevating your social media efforts.

Determine Your Target Audience and Ideal Clients

The first fool-proof way to succeed in social media is to determine who your target audience is. Aside from knowing who your ideal clients are, know what challenges they deal with, and how you can provide the solutions.

However, beyond offering them solutions to their quandaries, you must also be able to present these solutions engagingly and creatively.

How does your target audience talk about their issues, and what is it they expect from a business like yours? Niche and narrow down your message. Eventually, you’ll find clients that will seek out your salon services.

Establish Yourself as an ExpertMake sure your social media followers see you as an expert.

Once you know who your ideal audience is and how to narrow down your message, show them that you’re the expert in the field. But before all that, show that you’re the professional they want and need.

For instance, they may be looking for hairdressers specializing in balayage, but you are the hair extensions expert. If you are not entirely sure that you’re the expert they need, it would be ideal to go back to the drawing board before launching any social media promotional efforts.

If you’re trying to say you can offer everything to anyone, it’s not going to give you much traction. Reach out to clients you know who are seeking your specific services. Be confident about your skills, and they will trust you to be the expert they need.

When all is said and done, your biggest competition is not the other hair salon across the street from you – it’s how people scroll through their Facebook or Instagram feeds.

Provide Relevant Content

The content you post on your social media should entertain, educate, and motivate current and potential clients to employ your services.

For instance, don’t stop at posting a before and after photo of your recent client. Try to be a storyteller and write something that would be relevant to your readers. Give some insight into your process, and watch as more people get interested in it.

And when there’s interest in your posts, don’t forget to engage.


One of the biggest mistakes hairdressers and other hair salon owners make when using social media to promote themselves is forgetting the whole “social” aspect of it.Engage with your social media followers.

Once you have your Facebook or Instagram business page, complete with all the necessary information (location, business hours, contact details) that people need, it’s vital that you engage with your followers or page visitors.

Try to reply to comments left on your posts. It doesn’t matter if they are current or would-be clients. Treat everyone as someone who could potentially bring in more clients for you. The more connection points you establish with your social media content, the wider your reach and the higher engagement you’ll achieve.

Keep in mind that engagement in social media is a two-way street. This means that the more you engage with your social media audience, the more you’ll get in return.


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