A professional makeup artist is highly trained to do the job well.
A professional makeup artist is highly trained to do the job well.
Makeup Artist

5 Makeup Artist Mistakes You Should Avoid

by Vendela Berg
Makeup Artist

5 Makeup Artist Mistakes You Should Avoid

by Vendela Berg

When you hire a professional makeup artist, you’re expecting quality and professional work. Clients aim to look better than what they can do by themselves.

Whether you are a freelance makeup artist or work for a big beauty studio, you must always surpass your clients. In order to impress them, professional makeup artists have the experience and expertise. The experience and knowledge are what will make the clients look and feel beautiful.

In today’s post, let’s take a look at some of the mistakes makeup artists should avoid.

Applying Makeup on Clients with Dry Skin

This is a big mistake makeup artists know to avoid full well. Putting makeup on a client with dry skin will not give you good results. Instead, you will have cracked, dull, old, and tired-looking makeup.

An experienced artist knows to prep the skin before putting on makeup. Prepping the skin involves using a good facial moisturizer. Also, an experienced artist will use a solid foundation to achieve a good makeup look.

If your client already has a good skincare routine, then consider yourself lucky – you already have a good canvas you can work on. However, if the client needs better skincare, use good facial products to prep the skin.

Prep your client's skin before putting on makeup.

Before putting on makeup on your client, the key thing is to keep the face hydrated.

Make sure you always have a travel-size facial moisturizer you can apply to clients. Make sure the moisturizer is fragrant-free as some clients are sensitive to certain smells.

A good tip is to let the facial moisturizer sink in and dry before proceeding with the makeup process.

Utilizing Good Lighting When Applying Makeup

When you are applying makeup on a client in a place with bad lighting, the results are not going to be favorable – every time. You need a well-lit environment to know what type of makeup suits the client best.

Salons and makeup studios always have a well-lit environment when their artists put makeup on clients. This is to make sure that the artists know the makeup direction they want to go to.

If you are a freelancer in the makeup world and traveling for a job, make sure to remember to take advantage of natural lighting whenever possible. You can do this by making your client sit by a window or applying makeup in a room with enough lighting.

Blend, Blend, Blend

The proper way of applying makeup involves a lot of mixing and blending the right colors, shades, and tones. Makeup doesn’t mean dabbing one color of eyeshadow or one shade of brush. There is a multitude of combinations of shades and colors you can do to achieve the right look for the client.

Also, you must know how to play with the shape of the eyes, lips, chin, and cheeks and use the right color to accentuate the right facial areas.

From face makeup to eye makeup to bronzing and contouring, an artist should master the art of makeup blending. The right blending will always give you a beautiful result that your client will surely appreciate.

If the makeup is not blended right, the result is an unnatural, unpleasant look that won’t look good for anybody.

No to Too Much Foundation

A makeup artist know not to put too much foundation on the client.

Too much of something is bad – and that dramatically applies to makeup foundation.

The number one thing you want to avoid as a makeup artist is a cakey, heavy makeup look. The latest beauty trend is a nice, natural makeup look.

Thus, you have to know the proper techniques of putting on foundation, including identifying the right amount to use and where to concentrate on putting the product.

Some clients only need foundation on specific areas such as under the eyes, on top of the nose, or top of the cheeks; other clients need it to cover up blemishes, dark circles, or other skin imperfections.

No matter what your clients’ needs are, you must know how to accentuate their features, so they feel good.


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