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Highlight Your Tresses with the Right Color

by Vendela Berg

You can learn a lot of things on the internet. However, it’s up to you how you want to apply this newfound knowledge. When it comes to hair color, picking the right shade will make a big difference in your overall look.

Sure, you can type your query into Google, but more often than not, you will be left with information about hair color that is unclear, incomplete, or just plain incorrect.

Hair Colors Palette

This post will give you the lowdown on all things you need to know about picking the right shade to elevate your look. Whether you’re going to a special occasion or just a casual day-to-day look, you can rock the right hair color all-year round.

And we promise that by the end of this post, you will have a clearer idea of what color will work best for you.

Beauty is Skin Tone Deep

There are two categories when it comes to skin tone: warm and cool. Determining what your skin tone is is the first step to knowing what shade will complement it. If you have already been the adventurous type and have tried out a variety of colors, you might wonder why some look great on you, while others leave you looking dull and flat. Perhaps you’re a natural golden blonde, and you’ve tried transforming it into a platinum, but it just didn’t seem right? Maybe you’ve turned your dark, brunette into a reddish brown before but it didn’t give you anything?

It’s all got to do with your skin tone. According to AVEDA, the secret to finding the most flattering hair color for you is within your skin undertones.

We’ve mentioned warm and cool tones. These categories are further split into two subcategories: autumn and summer for warm skin tones; and winter and spring for cool skin tones.

Let’s look at each category.

Cool Tones

Winter Characteristics

Liv Tyler

You have fair, lighter skin no matter what your ethnicity is

You have pink undertones

You have jewel-toned eye colors such as blue, green, emerald green, dark blue, and dark brown that almost looks black; not hazel

You do not tan easily

Your natural hair color is darker or black

There might be a harsh contrast between your face, hair, and eyes

Recommended Colors

Violet, violet-red, and blue will work best for those with winter skin tones. Go for:
Jewel-toned, black or dark brown, platinum blonde, or dark violet red to bring out your green, emerald eyes.

Colors to Avoid

Copper red, caramel, honey, and copper red.

Spring Characteristics

Elizabeth Banks

You have fair skin with pink or yellow undertones

If you have lighter color eyes such as light blue, bright green, lighter hazel, or light golden brown

You can tan easier than a Winter but not as quickly as those with warm skin tones

You either have natural super blonde or dirty blonde hair

Recommended Colors

Go for colors with violet, green, or blue base: platinum blonde, ashy blonde, ashy brown, and icy blonde.

Colors to Avoid

Gold or orange based-colors such as honey blonde and golden brown

Warm Tones

Autumn Characteristics

Jennifer Aniston

You have “glowing” skin

Your eye color is either hazel green with golden flecks or golden brown; they have less bright, jewel tones and more brown, hazel, and golden

You were born with rich, dark brown hair

You have pale skin but it is often olive base, and you can tan easily

Recommended Colors

Colors with red undertones and orange base. Please note that the orange base doesn’t mean the actual orange color. Go for copper or caramel shades, rich auburn, chocolate brown, warm, honey blonde, or golden blonde.

Colors to Avoid

Colors with blue, violet, or green undertones, ashy brown, platinum blonde

Summer Characteristics

Gisele Bündchen

You have golden, olive skin

You tan easily, and when you do, you have a bronzed look

Summers have a wide range of eye colors. It’s usually hazel, but it can be any color

Recommended Colors

Yellow or orange base works well with summer skin tone. Go for rich golden blonde, champagne blonde, honey colors, caramel brown, honey platinum, and other lighter colors.

Colors to Avoid

Black and anything with blue or green base

What Is Your Time and Money Budget?

Before you head on over to your favorite hair salon, you have to determine what your hair color budget is first. Hair coloring is a process that takes a while; thus, time and cost should be taken into account. The secret to having a fantastic hair is proper maintenance and care. For instance, going blonde requires frequent root touch-ups. Additionally, as a blonde, you will want to use good sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners for colored hair.

Using the right product will help you maintain a glorious look that will last.


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