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The 5 Top Hair Stylists in 2017

A great haircut can leave you feeling like newer better version of yourself. Who hasn’t walked into their favorite salons feeling less admirable but walked out feeling like they should be on those shampoo commercials or the cover of their favorite magazines?

Although any great hair stylist can give you such a transformation, the life changing haircuts can only happen at the hand of the top stylists, the same ones who make supermodels and celebrities look fabulous on the red carpet and the rich look fantastic at the Beverly Hills and Park Avenue cocktail parties.Top Hair Stylists

To come up with the top hairstylist bucket list that every woman should try out in their lifetime, we have spent a fair amount of time daydreaming and researching. What’s the criteria? Well, most of them are quite famous, as their clients are, and visiting their salons will give you an unforgettable experience. Each one of them has a big personality, and an intriguing story, perhaps with a lot to do with their success.

As you probably know, a $500 haircut is not feasible with most people, and so that you can feel better, these stylists have solid clients like Jessica Biel and Jennifer Lopez. If you can’t snag an appointment with any of these top hair stylists, you can still check out their product lines, or even make an appointment with their junior stylists at their salons, or even ask your preferred stylist to give you a haircut similar to those of the popular icons.

Obviously, the list is not exhaustive, and there are many other stylists that many clients would like to hop into their chairs. Plus, there’s a new generation of rising stars in the industry, and have a high chance of becoming the next posse of superstar hairstylists. However, for now, let’s look at the top hair stylists you would want to cut your hair in your lifetime.

1. Oscar Blandi

This hairstylist owns a palatial, pristine hair salon in New York. Originating from Italy, Oscar started out by helping out at his dad’s salon at the age of 14, primarily to meet girls. Today, he works with the upper-class ladies of the Upper East Side and celebrities like Kelly Ripa. He is notoriously chatty, dripping with an Italian charm. Admittedly, his haircuts aren’t precisely dramatic, but they essentially make you look and feel beautiful.

2. Edward Tricomi

When writing the movie Edward Scissorhands. Edward Tricomi was inspired by the haircut he got from Tim Burton. If you have seen the flick, you might be familiar with the haircuts you should expect from Edward; it’s ideally a one-of-a-kind experience with hair flying and lightening fast blades everywhere. He claims that he likes to cut hair when it’s dry, and think of it as sketching a haircut depending on the client. The results are equally amazing!

3. Sally Hershberger

She famously gave Meg Ryan the Sally Shag in 1996, which propelled her to become the first celebrity hairstylist to offer $600 haircuts to the public. Of course, her fees have gone up since then. Sally generally cuts hair when it’s dry, and uses a razor while shaping the layers. Although her signature cut has evolved over the years, this is the woman you should see If you want a shag.

4. Garren

This is one of the most famous one-name hairstylists in the industry. He is known for his daring, and rule-breaking haircuts. In 2008, he gave the headline grabbing haircut pixie to Victoria Beckham, and in the 70s, he straightened Farah Fawcett’s hair to an iconic style with the Charlieís Angels hair. Getting a haircut with Garren is less about technique, and more about creating a trademark look.

5. Jose Eber

Jose Eber is based in Beverly Hills and is widely known for his long hair, which is often topped with a cowboy hat. He has worked with Elizabeth Taylor, and has produced amazing haircuts over the years. Since he opened his salon is 1980, and writing two beauty books, he has become a popular and trusted hair expert. He opened a new hair salon in 2011, which is an experience in it’s own right. His services include blowouts, Botox, and even med-spa treatments within the salon.

If money wasn’t an object, these are the top hair stylists that you would want to cut your hair. From their innovative techniques to their ultra-luxurious salon, each stylist has qualities that makes them stand out.


Prom and Wedding Makeup Tips

There are several special occasions in life for which ladies require extraordinary makeup. Proms, weddings and anniversaries are such occasions. These are amazing occurrences in the life of every woman and it’s perfectly normal to want a stellar appearance.

Prom and wedding makeup can be sparkly and rich or minimalist. The choice depends on the theme and on individual preferences. Still, a few essentials will be determining for the quality of the outcome. One of the best options is to go for professional makeup. If you’d like to do it a home, you’ll need to keep in mind a couple of tips from the experts.Prom and Wedding Makeup

 Flawless Skin

The foundation of amazing prom and wedding makeup is flawless skin. A perfect, radiant complexion will make it a lot easier to put emphasis on your best features and highlight those.

In order to have an impeccable complexion, you’ll need to apply a couple of products. Start by exfoliating and toning the face. A moisturizer that corresponds to your skin type is the next essential. It will keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh throughout the special day.

Jojoba oil or another natural oil (argan, almond oil) is a great moisturizing option. Give it a bit of time to get absorbed by the skin before moving on to the next step. If you have oily skin, you’ll definitely need to look for a lighter moisturizer.

Next, you’ll need a layer of high quality foundation. Make sure that it matches your skin tone ñ you don’t want a blunt difference between the color of your face and the tone of your neck. When done, apply a bit of setting powder. It will keep your makeup looking beautiful throughout the day.

Highlighters and Blushes

Proms, weddings and other special occasions give you an opportunity to go a bit more dramatic with your makeup than usual. Bringing light to the skin and using a blush will both be a good idea. These products will give you a beautiful glow and they’ll also accentuate the cheekbone structure.

A highlighter is usually applied to the top part of the cheekbones. You can also add a bit of highlighter underneath the eyebrows to open up your eyes. Good highlighters are free from glitter ñ they simply allow for the reflection of light from the skin. Glitter on the cheekbones looks a bit cheap and it doesn’t contribute to the sophistication of the prom and wedding makeup.

The blush or bronzer is applied underneath the highlight. Creating an area of darkness right underneath the light will make your face slimmer.

Opt for a subtle brush ñ too red will make you look like a clown. Bronzing pearls are a nice alternative because they will add a bit of warmth to your face without making the color intense.

Dominant Eye or Dominant Lip?

There’s a general rule of thumb that you should either go with a dominant eye (for example, a smokey eye) or a dominant lip. Some makeup experts believe that a lot of eye makeup and a bright lip color will clash with each other.

The rule is a good one because it will put emphasis on your best feature. If you go for a dominant lip, pick a bright and saturated color. Eyeshadow colors should be kept neutral. A thin eyeliner and a bit of mascara will finalize the look.

When you go for a dominant eye, choose a gentle lip tone. Opting for a nude lip color can also produce a beautiful and stylish outcome.

Whichever option you go for, fake eyelashes will open up the eyes. Don’t go overboard with the size, however. You don’t want the eyelashes to reach the tops of your eyebrows! If necessary, trim the eyelashes with a small nail scissor before gluing them on.

Get Professional Assistance

While doing your own makeup may be a lot of fun, it’s still a good idea to opt for professional assistance.

Many makeup artists specialize in trendy solutions for brides and graduating girls. It’s best to look at the online portfolio of a makeup artist and make sure that you like their style before booking an appointment.

Makeup experts should also give you a trial session that you need to have before the big day. During this trial session, you’ll get to learn a bit more about their style and the type of makeup that will be most suitable for your special occasion.


Tips for Aspiring Beauty Salons Business Owners

Running a beauty salon is arguably one of the most enjoyable and fun experiences in the industry due to the bubbly nature of beauty therapists, hairdressers, and varying clients. In fact, most beauticians and stylists out there start off working for beauty salons and soon start dreaming of owning one.

Well, even though running your own business can be rewarding, especially in the beauty domain, there are numerous things you need to consider in order to succeed. In this piece, we are going to give you a couple of tips that will help you become a great stylist and beauty salon owner.

Creating a Business Plan Should Be Your First Step.

It is a fact that most businesses fail not long after they start, and the biggest reason behind this is the lack of a solid business plan. Planning may sound boring and daunting, but it is a significant element that you cannot afford to overlook. If done properly, planning can give you the benchmark figures that you require to determine if starting a beauty salon is viable. If it is not feasible, then you can narrow down to the problems and change your business model.

Always Have Faith in Yourself.Beauty Salons

Running a beauty salon business can be overwhelming- it is easy to lose faith in yourself. When that happens, your plans of running your own business can easily slip into the sidelines and before you know it, you have forgotten your dreams and even the hope for something more. Therefore, it is imperative to stay confident in your abilities and keep following through with your plans. Always have a to-do list and break up each of your tasks into smaller steps that can be realistically achieved. Remember that even the great beauty salons out there were not established overnight but by the owners keeping at it every single day.

Set Up a Web Presence.

Get a website and link it to your Facebook or Twitter business page. Remember to stay active on your social media pages by posting compelling content and offers in all platforms. Also, have your page point visitors or your followers to your website, where they can learn more about what you have to offer. We are at an age where people even look for beauty salons through the internet, and you cannot afford to miss on this great opportunity if you wish to succeed.

Spend on Advertising and Track the Results.

Every business owner knows the importance of advertising and really spend on it, but what they fail to realize is that it is important to advertise to the right audience and that is where analysis and marketing data comes in handy. The last thing you want is to continually spend on a method that is not really working. Hire the right marketers and use the ideal tools to track your advertising campaign. With the ability to track your results, you can ditch strategies that aren’t working and stick to those that show great results.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin.

As a beauty salon owner, you will certainly have a lot to do on a daily basis. As such, you will need trustworthy and competent employees who can handle the business when you are not around. Most business owners tend to take too much of themselves and assume that their workers can’t be able to handle what they do. That has never been further from the truth! There is always that one right individual who can be trained and perform as well as you could.

Seek Professional Advice.

Consulting professionals is important. Beauty salons are just like any other business, and so, you will have to deal with the law and tax. As such, getting the ideal information is important if you want to avoid legal problems and penalties.

Team up.

Finally, it is advisable to find other businesses in your region that provide services that complement your own. Joining up with such companies to cross advertise to your clients can have rewarding results. If you make sure that the business is relevant to your clients, they’ll certainly appreciate the information. Promoting a plumbing company, for instance, won’t be fruitful, but if you are running a local beauty salon, teaming up with a styling business to give your clients discounts and vice versa can provide value for your clientele.