Blowdrying hair
Blowdrying hair
Terrific Tresses

On Trend: Blowout Bars

by Vendela Berg
Terrific Tresses

On Trend: Blowout Bars

by Vendela Berg

So what is up with this trend of blowout bars? Are they popping up in your city? All across the country (actually – the world) women are realizing that there’s more to hair care than just cuts and colors. Yeah, of course, we want those things too, but sometimes the style is what matters and the hairdresser who can style isn’t the same one who gives the best cuts – you know what I mean?

And sometimes, you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of a full hair salon experience. You’re looking for something … different.

So that’s part of the appeal of blowout bars. You can try something different.

A Place to Attack Hair Woes

Like a bar might be the place where the broken hearted go to attack their hair woes, we don’t do that here. We whip our hair back and forth – and get that bad hair vibes outta here!

Sometimes, a deep treatment will do it. Depending on how many bad hair days you’ve had in a row – and honey, if you have three in a row, why haven’t you come in yet? – you can fix it up with a single treatment.

Get a Pep Up

Your local blowout bars have all kinds of products at the ready. And the specialists know what to use to counteract whatever bad juju you been bringing on at home. Try a deep conditioner. Try an oil remedy. Try a heat treatment or a hair mask. Let your blowout specialist see what has been done and what needs to be done. From there, she’ll know what to do.

Blowout bars make it easy to change your hair style.

Try Something New

You might be the type who likes to experiment with her hair (and who doesn’t?), which can mean you’re always collecting sample sizes of new products, asking for the latest goop as a gift, or you’re always playing around with different hair lengths. If that’s you, blowout bars may be your new jam.

Ask your stylist what products she’s learned about or started using recently that she loves. Try something new every week and see how it changes your hair. Put in extension, try temporary color, and freshen up your style for a fraction of a full-blown salon.

What’s Better Than Advice?

Traditional hair salons are set up to keep you coming back – of course – but it’s because you can’t do it yourself, or don’t have the tools. With heat chairs, “salon-exclusive” products, and crazy-fancy hairstyles that you can’t replicate at home.

Today’s women are looking for something more do-it-yourself. We want to be able to be social media ready, red-carpet fabulous, any hour of the day, without having to spend money or a ton of time. We want the best value.

Blowout Bars are Trend Teachers

Want to check out and learn how to do that awesome, casual braid or loose wavy do you saw on Pinterest? (of course you do!) Your local blowout bars are the places to do it. Generally with a more casual feel to go along with the more casual price tag, and a narrow focus on caring for and styling hair, many blowout bars are places where changing your hair is celebrated .

The styles of the past take longer to prepare and are made to last longer. It used to be that when you got a perm, you did long-term damage to your hair and it sat in those poodly curls for months. Now, you can swap looks in a day, without the harsh treatments and worries about burning your scalp and other such crazy things. The only burns you’ll get are from the looks of jealousy when your hair always look fresh and at its best.

Prices at Blowout Bars


Treat yourself.

So we’ve mentioned the prices are generally friendlier at blowout bars – right? (maybe once or twice). But here’s why: simple equipment, simple processes, beautiful results. What makes a lot of full-service salons expensive?

Extra equipment – specialized chairs, bowls and brushes and tools for dying hair, all those hair colors and all that tin foil. Blowout bars don’t need (or use less) of all this stuff.

Extra time – longer services means fewer people get served every day. Blowout bars offer high-quality services that are quicker, in a fun atmosphere where you don’t get bored. More ladies get their hair done, and prices stay lower.

Great product range – when you want to try something new and great, go to a blowout bar. For real. The products on their shelves (if they sell products) are probably going to be your new favorite things – both for their amazing quality, results, and an incredible price.


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