The beauty and salon industry continues to grow
The beauty and salon industry continues to grow
Working in the Beauty Industry

Success in Being a Hair Stylist

by Vendela Berg
Working in the Beauty Industry

Success in Being a Hair Stylist

by Vendela Berg

An experienced and professional hair stylist is one of the most valued individuals in the service industry. In truth, when you have a hair stylist career, you’re not just selling a haircut – you’re also providing clients with self-esteem and confidence.

A hairstylist has many duties. Aside from cutting and styling the clients’ hair, they also discuss how their new haircut will complement their overall style. Hairstylists also offer styling tips and expert advice. They also recommend hair products to use and the proper way to take care of treated hair.

Aside from cut and style, a hair stylist career includes knowing how to do hair coloring and other scalp and hair treatments. They are also responsible for keeping their work space clean and orderly.

Do you want a hair stylist career?

Smaller Salons

In a big salon, many hair services tend to get offered. However, in smaller ones, they may only specialize in a specific type of service or certain kind of hair, for instance.

In a hair stylist career, you may either work as an employee or be self-employed. Self-employed hair stylists mean they rent a spot in a large salon. They have their own client list, but they don’t have their own space, so they have to use a beauty salon as well as its resources. Self-employed hair stylists have excellent flexibility at work. In fact, many hair stylists who choose this career opt to work part-time.

Beauty Industry Outlook

Hair stylist careers are predicted to increase by 15% by 2020. This means that there are going to be up to 100,000 new hair stylist jobs due to be available by that time.

Additionally, the beauty and spa industry doesn’t get affected that much in times of recession. Compared to other industries where consumers tend to cut back on, they are still willing to pay for standard beauty treatment and services. These are the services that they either can’t do on themselves or don’t have the tools and equipment needed.

Do You Want To Have a Hair Stylist Career?

To make this happen, you’ll need a license in cosmetology. Find a certified cosmetology school in your area. Know what the requirements are to get certified. All hair and beauty professionals in the United States must have a license before they can practice.

And to have a license, you’ll need to get into a state-approved cosmetology course. Depending on your state, you may also need a high school diploma before you qualify for a cosmetology certification.
Even after getting your certification, you must work to make yourself stand out among other hair stylists. You can do this by improving your skills and learning new cutting and styling techniques.
Getting the experience you need as a hair stylist will come from actually doing the job. Choose a cosmetology program that allows you to do practical training. There are participating local salons that partner with cosmetology schools for you to do this.

Once you finish the program, you may even be chosen to work as a trainee at a hair salon. To succeed in a hair stylist career, you must learn how to work with salon equipment. You must also know what the latest cutting and styling techniques are.

Work as a Hair Stylist

If you aim to work at a prominent and popular salon, competition may be fierce. You’ll need more than your qualifications and personality. Work to build your style portfolio; having one is essential. It’s important to show prospective clients and employers what you’re capable of.

Naturally, you’ll want the photos in your portfolio to look clear and professional. Don’t take blurry pictures from your phone. If you employ a professional photographer, that’s great! If not, make sure that the shots are well-lit and clear. Don’t take this step for granted so you can really show off your work.

Cutting and Styling EquipmentHair stylists need the right tools and equipment

A hair stylist career will require an investment in a basic styling and cutting kit. Get high-quality scissors to do various cutting techniques. If you are employed at a salon, they will provide you the tools you need, such as clippers, hairdryers, straighteners, etc.

Some salons, even if you’re just renting out a space, will also provide these tools. However, you need to be prepared if they don’t offer the equipment you need.


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